I participated in PacificVis2024 as the Co-chair for VisNotes (Short paper).

From April 23-26 at Keio University, I attended PacificVis2024 as the Co-chair for VisNotes (Short paper). Although the VisNotes sessions were held on the last day, the VisNotes papers were of high quality overall, and the sessions were very successful with many questions asked. The tasks of the Short paper Chair, including the opening announcements, handing out certificates at the closing ceremony (not for myself!), and pre-conference preparations, have all been successfully completed. It was also great to work again with Siming Chen from Fudan University, who I had previously partnered with as Poster Chair at the same conference in 2022, and meaningful to exchange ideas and interact with various people including the one of the Co-chairs, Qianwen.